Saturday, May 7, 2011

History & Identity As Told Through the Historic Taverns of Bay View, WI

Spring 2010:

Last winter I moved to Milwaukee, WI. To get to know the area better I set out with a few cameras and my Zoom H2 to explore Wisconsin's very ummmm, unique, drinking culture. The result is this documentary that focuses on the experience and history of Lee’s Luxury Lounge at 2988 S Kinnickinnic Avenue, Milwaukee, WI. You’ll hear both residents and patrons express what they feel gives shape to and defines their distinctive Bay View identity.

Special thanks to Lee's owner, Deanne Wecker. Sadly, I found that Deanne sold the bar shortly after I completed this piece.

For more photos of Bay View's historic taverns visit

Lee's Luxury Buffalo

(Interior view of Lee's Luxury Lounge)


Matthew Edwards said...

Very few people would have captured the bay view's historic Tavers. Really a exciting news to visual richmond

Erin Dorbin said...

Thanks for listening!